Our Mobile Applications…

Get The Dino

You need to match bright coloured bugs, cute worms, smiling frogs and a lot more to reach the Dino. Let’s see if you can do it. It’s not very difficult and it’s no Kid’s stuff either. It’s fun and easy to play making it a favourite for gamers of all ages including toddlers. An indicator at the top lets you know how long before you can Get the Dino. Get ready, set, GO!



Presenting to you, ! Build unlimited number of bridges of all sizes over rooftops. Our Unicycle cannot ride on the roads instead it can glide smoothly over rooftops. It takes immense patience and great timing to create bridges. A short or long bridge will not help. It needs to be precise and just the correct size. Let’s get going!


Have unlimited Sudoku fun with this App. It has multiple levels that can keep you engaged for long hours. Try it, it’s free!!

Pesky Ply

Pesky Ply is a lovable character – it has loads of energy and is always looking to help. Today, it is excited about going home but is irritated about having to jump over hurdles to reach it’s destination. However, it is so very delighted about collecting gold coins on its way. Pesky Ply with all it’s enthusiasm and loads of energy needs energy to jump over the hurdles and can replenish it’s energy by collecting flowers on the way. With each flower, energy gets replenished and a battery indicator located at the top indicates current energy levels. When the energy levels are too low, battery indicator blinks and a low fuel alarm can be heard. Pesky Ply has three chances to reach home which is far, far away. Help it reach it’s home right away !!


In this era of Smart Phones, VR games and Augmented Information, we present you with a toy that seems to be lost in the pages of history. If you are one of those who enjoyed going to fairs and especially with this toy in hand, popularly called, the “Tic Tic” toy, here it is making a comeback. Relive the moments and enjoy the fun with your friends and family. Also, as add-ons, there is the sound of a conch, a referee whistle and a Vuvuzela. Download it for Free and Enjoy!